Thursday, December 3, 2009


p/s: berasa malu kerana menggunakan bahasa omputih dengan salah dalam post pertamanya sepatutnya COMPARISON tetapi saya menulis COMPARATION
*berasa malu sungguh*

okay now, i’m gonna tell u something ‘bout my name.

JASMIN : my parents wanted to name me with JASMIN. but after a short discussion, they thought that the name was.. err too many people were named by JASMIN. the meaning is i think, a name of a flower kot

SYAKIRA : the second choice. means grateful. macam nama SHAKIRA. but different spelling. i love my name. but one thing, i should be exactly the same as the meaning of my name. well, im not that grateful. nobody is satisfied with what they have now. so am i. do not follow this. allah is the greatest. He knows the best.

SYAK : a friend of mine started calling me by this name when i was in secondary 3. maybe it was a bit long for her to call SYAKIRA. well, at first i was a bit uncomfortable. but see! i still use the nickname until now!

SYARK : the pronunciation is the same but a lil modification on the spelling. one of my besties created that. thanks ainul! maybe due to my stern-look, she illustrated that through my name SYARK or the exact spelling SHARK.

SYA : when i was asked by my room mates, what should we call u then? hmm i thought that i wanted to make a difference so i say, just call me SYA. hm, but that didnt last long. they changed, started to call me SYAK.

YAA : because i was too small to pronounce my name properly, i pronounced SYAKIYA instead of SYAKIRA. to make it easier,(dengan selamba) i shortened it to be YAA. my family sticks to the name and until now, they still call me YAA.

SYKIRA : oops! wrong spelling. but nevermind. that is how my elder brothers call me. without the letter “A”. hows that? u can try pronounce it. hehe. i like it. but properly la. SYKIRA. isnt that kinda tak betul sngat sebutannya.

MAN KIDAL : one of my besties called me when i was in secondary 4. main-main je kut. haha. well, thats way too different okay! haha. Shirrin! revenge! i call her, JALIL and we perfectly named our other besties with INA NAIM, NORDIN BOYOT, JACLYN VICTOR and many more.

well, thats how it started...


At December 3, 2009 at 9:20 PM , Blogger nabila bella said...

sape jac???hahaha.wahhh trharu km mention kte dlm blog =)

At December 4, 2009 at 2:48 AM , Blogger muhsin izhar said...

kan bole edit post? :)

At December 4, 2009 at 8:54 AM , Blogger syakirakhair said...

saya tidak tahu la muhsin

At December 4, 2009 at 8:55 AM , Blogger syakirakhair said...

ainuL haha. kamu kan? masa pas amali gash panggil kamu jac tu coz tukar daripada ina! ina naim kamu ke MEL? hehe ;P


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